Dunlap Hollow, Modern A-Frame Cabin

Hello everyone. We continue to discover the modern cabin ideas of your dreams. Today I will introduce you to the Dunlap Hollow, Modern A-Frame Cabin. Nowadays, the desire to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and live in a more minimal and happy environment is increasing day by day. Modern cabins built in this context attract great attention with both their design and useful structure. Great resting places where you can get away from the stress of city life and recharge.

The Dunlap Hollow, Modern A-Frame Cabin is one of the most stylish and modern cabins I’ve seen lately. While this cabin inspires your dream A-Frame cabin idea, it also creates a nice holiday option.The A-Frame cabin is located on a spacious 34 acres in Hocking Hills in Rockbridge, Ohio.

Modern A-Frame Cabin

A-Frame cabins also impress with their interior designs. Designing the cabins with the understanding of maximum efficiency in minimal space makes them useful. Let’s take a look at the interior details of this wonderful cabin. The cabin’s main living area includes a large and convenient kitchen, hanging wood stove, and living room.

Dunlap Hollow, Modern A-Frame Cabin also features one king bedroom, two queen bedrooms, and a loft with a built-in king bed and two single bunk beds with overhead storage. You can have a wonderful getaway with your family or friends in the cabin, which offers accommodation for 10 people.

At the same time, the bathroom of the house also has a very modern appearance.

The kitchen island in the cabin is designed extremely modern. You will love spending time in the kitchen that is sufficient to meet every need.

You can rent this wonderful cabin from Airbnb and enjoy a unique holiday.

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