Modern 8m X 8.6m Home Design

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about Milimalist Modern 8m X 8,6m  Home Designs. Today, we can pre-design and choose the house concepts we want to have with 3D modeling methods. The house we will examine now has a residential area of ​​85m2.

The house has a two-story layout. The ground floor plan has 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and a kitchen.

Sample living room design that you can design according to your wishes.

Modern Home

The minimalist modern house also has two bedrooms. Bedroom designs are generally preferred from vibrant colors.

White colors were also preferred in the second bedroom design.

The modern designed minimal kitchen is designed to meet every need. White colors are preferred in the kitchen as in the whole house. The kitchen island is also used as a dining area.

Minimal bathroom design is stylish and useful. The bathroom has a toilet and shower area.

The upper floor living area is accessed from the staircase inside the house.

The second floor plan features a game and entertainment room and an open terrace connecting it from the room.

Everything has been thought of for you to spend quality time in the game and entertainment room.

A minimalist living room prioritizes function over a room that looks full.

The minimalist modern home design uses a pitched roof construction. The roof of the house is also equipped with solar panels. Solar panel can reduce the cost of electricity and make the house more environmentally friendly.

This house has a 2 storey house design concept. Ground floor area is 69 m2. The ground floor is divided into several areas such as living room, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms 1 and 2, shared bathroom and service area. The right areas for a comfortable and enjoyable family residence. helps you provide the inspiration and ideas you need.

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