Peaceful Tree House in the Lap of Nature

Peaceful Tree House in the Lap of Nature

Hello everyone. Today I will tell you about the Peaceful Tree House in the Lap of Nature, which has a beautiful design. Nowadays, the desire to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and live in a more minimal and happy environment is increasing day by day. Modern cabins built in this context attract great attention with both their design and useful structure. Great resting places where you can get away from the stress of city life and recharge.

This small house is designed as a two-storey structure among the trees. It offers a veranda and seating area on the lower floor, and a structure completely surrounded by glass on the upper floor. Wood tones create a natural and warm atmosphere. The design of the house was specially chosen and its exterior is covered with wood in light colors.

When viewed from the outside, the house looks like a large tree house. There is a space between the ground floor and the upper floor, and the bottom floor functions as a “balcony”. There is a small area here where you can sit and chat with your loved ones.

When you step into the house, the interior welcomes you with a warm and simple design. The light orange wooden walls inside are designed to aim for simplicity. The corner where the kitchen, living room and stove are located offers a functional layout even in limited space.

The house attracts attention with its central living area. The kitchen and living room show how a small house can be transformed into a tranquil living space. The design ensures effective use of every square meter. Thus, you will have the opportunity to live in a small but functional house with your family.

The path to the bedrooms is upstairs. The upper floor of the house is accessed by long wide stairs leading from the back of the house. The bedrooms offer a simple and comfortable atmosphere. One of the beds is loft shaped.

Bedroom Design

This house represents a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. The wood outside brings the charm to the interior and creates a warm atmosphere.

Peaceful Tree House

This wonderful treehouse is located six meters above the Tessungåe river, which flows through the Norwegian plateau Hardangervidda. The unique field of view makes you feel truly at one with nature. You can enjoy the view from the unique view of the roaring river and the full-height windows that reveal the entire view before you.

You can find detailed information about this wonderful cabin on the AirBnb website. helps you provide the inspiration and ideas you need.

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