3D Modern House, Floor Plan 78 m2

3D Modern House, Floor Plan 78 m2

Hello everyone. Today I will introduce you to the 3D Modern House design with a Floor Plan of 78 m2. Nowadays, with the rising technology, we can make draft views of the house plans we want in 3D. Small but very useful houses, with their economical and beautiful appearance, have become more popular. These environmentally friendly houses are great choices for those who want to get away from city life.

Modern houses offer an ideal solution for those who want to live a functional life. With their smart and modern designs, these houses offer all kinds of comfort even though they are small. Useful furniture choices and high ceilings make the space look more spacious and bright.

Let’s examine the interior design details of this house with 3D Modern House, 78 m2 Floor Plan. When designing energy-saving houses, the biggest priority has been to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. For this reason, large windows and high ceilings are preferred.

In the 3D Modern house plan, the living room and kitchen are designed in the same plan. In an extremely modern designed plan, everything has been considered for comfort. Cleverly chosen furniture choices and colors add spaciousness to the house.

3D Modern House, Floor Plan 78 m2

The bedroom design is also modern and comfortable. The design, which has everything for a quality sleep experience, is impressively designed.

Minimal bathroom has modern designs. The bathroom has a bathtub and shower area. The choice of white color was in harmony with the general style of the house.

3D Modern House, Floor Plan The layout plan of the 78 m2 house is shared below. helps you provide the inspiration and ideas you need.

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